Classic bathroom furniture / RITORNO Vanilla

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seriesRITORNO Vanilla
symbolhanging cabinet VR-219-40L/R
hanging mirror cabinet VR-229-40
column VR-275-40/B04L/R (dark chocolate top)
column VR-275-40/B06L/R (sand beige top)
cabinet for washbasin VR-240-10-40
washbasin with worktop UMB-1004-04/ALU-L (dark chocolate top)
washbasin with worktop UMB-1004-06/ALU-L (sand beige top)
mirror VR-L71x100-40
lighting: two lamps OA-32-2

dimensions71 x 39,5x 20
71 x 100 x 15,2
154,5 x 39,5 x 37
154,5 x 39,5 x 37
81 x 100 x 50
100,5 x 52
100,5 x 52
71 x 100 x 3,5

An additional old looking element of the design is a wicker drawer in Ritorno columns - a perfect place for a little bits and pieces like makeup accessories.

The worktops for washbasin cabinets are available in two colours: sandy beige and dark chocolate. They have glossy finish.


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