Contemporary bathroom furniture / VARIETE (F-4)

Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FDM_11.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FDM_12.jpg
seriesVARIETE (F-4)
symbolcolumn FDM-C-494/2
cabinet for washbasin FDM-C-442/5/2
dolomite washbasin UMMC-500x390
mirror AL-50x80
two lamps 2xOA-10

The F-4 line cabinets are available in three finishings: wenge mat (imitation), wenge glossy (imitation),and white glossy.

The cabinets in this furniture line may be enriched with accessories of a higher standard, namely drawer runners with a soft closing system and hinges with a special braking element that brings the door of a cabinet to a gentle halt. The items with a higher standard of the accessories are marked as "BT".


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