Contemporary bathroom furniture / PRIMA (BF-1)

Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BFDM_148.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BFDM_148_2.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BFDM_148_umywalka.jpg
seriesPRIMA (BF-1)
symbolcolumn BFDM-265L
cabinet for washbasin BFDM-240/7
washbasin UCG-75
hanging cabinet A-007DM
hanging cabinet BFDM-210R
toilet paper holder FDM-P
WC brush FDM-S
dimensions86 x 30 x 25
84 x 30
54 x 50 x 24
9 x 50 x 30
84 x 50
84 x 30 x 24

Furniture are available in two different finishes: white shining and design of exotic wood wenge.

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ISH Frankfurt 2007
ISH fairs took place on 6-10 march 2007 in Frankfurt on the Men.
Budma Poznan 2010
Budma fairs took place in January 2008 in Poznan (Poland).
ISH Frankfurt 2013
ISH fairs took place on 12-16 march 2013 in Frankfurt on the Men.