Our selection of contemporary bathroom furniture presents the highest level of aesthetics and functionality. A wide range of offered decors as well as dimensions will let you select a model that meets your needs as closely as possible. Our product range includes high gloss bathroom furniture in white & black and other inspiring decors. Foiled and lacquered, wall-hung and floor-standing - we offer a refined choice of contemporary bathroom design. [...]

If you want to have the best quality and a unique design in your bathroom furniture, we guarantee that Antado will meet your expectations. Our furniture is designed and manufactured that are active for many years in this industry and know exactly how products are to be made of the best quality by experts. This is also raw materials used to manufacture our furniture in modern style. For several years, we try to go with the zeitgeist and to judge us according to current trends. Within these years, we have become one of the most famous companies in Poland that produces modern furniture. Our range is constantly expanding, that the word "modern" is actually contrary to the image of the furniture sold . We deal with the design and manufacture of modern bathroom furniture such as bathroom cabinets, shelves or dressers for the bathroom. We invite you to use our extensive collection of bathroom furniture note. These are already over twenty sets in different colors. We recommend you to take our latest catalog with our products note that you can find in the main menu. In the catalog you will find high quality pictures of bathroom furniture, so you can completely familiarize yourself with our range. The images are also detailed descriptions of the products in the collection with their exact dimensions attached ( eg, ceramic sink, bathroom mirror with aluminum frame, vanity cabinet or board, etc.). If you are interested in actually solid and modern bathroom furniture, you with the furniture series shown here are certainly well-liked.

Contemporary bathroom furniture

Series: VARIETE (F-4)


Diversity, simplicity of modern forms and universal colours make up a timeless character of Variete collection. The widest range of dimensions of vanity units both with one and two drawers in combination with mineral washbasins of renowned producers. Washbasins with a high and thin edge on offer. A wide variety of complementary furniture: tall cabinets, upper cabinets and mirrors.

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bathroom furniture Antado_meble_lazienkowe_VARIETE_szary_lakier.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_VARIETE_FM_4.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_VARIETE_czarna_umywalka_9017.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FDM_8.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FDM_11.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FM_1.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FM_5.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FDM_4.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FDM_13.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Variete_FM_3.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_VARIETE_czarny_lakier_9017.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_VARIETE_FM_4_regał_1szuflada.jpg


Straight and distinct forms copied from timeless Variete in a new, broadened colour variety. A rich selection of decors: plain or patterned, glossy, mat or wood-structured. The minimalistic shape of the cabinets has been highlighted by straight, long railing handles. Both the side panels and fronts of the cabinets made of MDF board and finished with a strong and durable furniture foil.

bathroom cabinet Antado_meble_lazienkowe_SPEKTRA_Wolfram_Grey_UMMC1200D.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_SPEKTRA_Fino_Grafit_46.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_SPEKTRA_120D_stare_drewno.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_SPEKTRA_dab_samba.jpg


Sycylia – a climatic collection with a fanciful washbasin enriched with a decorative plate will bring a feeling of natural beauty to every bathroom. Although based on straight lines and short on ornaments the concept gets a refined look due to the washbasin and the layout of the fronts. In basin units a combination of drawers and doors provided with the gentle closing system. The range is offered in two decors imitating wood with an effect of tangible structure as well as in elegant white (glossy finishing) and graphite (mat finishing).

new bathroom Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Sycylia_KTS_140_2_drewno_1.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Sycylia_140_2_regal_wysoki.jpg Antado_meble_łazienkowe_Sycylia_Świerk_Tatrz_UMMO_1.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Sycylia_WS-Front.jpg Antado_meble_łazienkowe_Sycylia_91cm_grafit_UMMO_1.jpg Antado_meble_łazienkowe_Sycylia_136cm_grafit_UMMO_1.jpg


A fanciful combination of a wide range of colours with an elegant mirror slat. Modern design underlined by a glossy handle built in the edge of the cabinet’s front. The mirror decorative bar makes the collection light and refined.


bathroom furniture Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Cantare_FSM342746.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Cantare_FSM342848.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_Cantare_ 2x_60cm_białe.jpg
Series: PRIMA (BF-1)


A traditional floor-standing collection in classic white and timeless wenge. A special chic created by a unique cut of the side panels with a characteristic bent line. On offer a wide spread of dimensions and models which let both a small and big bathroom be furnished in a great many of options.

bathroom cabinet Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BF_1407.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BF_UCT50x30.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BFDM_146.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BF_148.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BFDM_1405.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BFDM_148.jpg Antado_meble_lazienkowe_PRIMA_BF_UCT34x36.jpg
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