Welcome to the website presentation of "Antado" Sp. z O.O. – one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom furniture in Poland. We are offering a wide variety of bathroom furniture sets in over 20 unique collections providing an inspiration for bathrooms in any style. [...]

"ANTADO" bathroom concepts include basin units, high and low, black & white and glossy bathroom cabinets with drawers, washbasins and mirrors. See our classic, bent and contemporary bathroom furniture models in plenty of decors. Experience the fresh look of our curved bathroom cabinets as well as old-fashioned designs with classic bathroom furniture. We are a producer of trendy contemporary bathroom cabinets, classic en-suites and bent-shaped bathroom units. Our classic collections stand out for timeless design and undeniably great presentation. Trying to keep up-to-date with the best trends in bathroom design we create contemporary bathroom units combining fresh look, good aesthetics and best quality. Our bent bathroom units are a combination of old-styled handicraft and modern attitude to design which assures best style and ergonomics of the model. Our offer makes up an outstanding variety of bathroom ideas providing wall-hung cabinets, floor-standing basin units, mineral and ceramic washbasins, mirrors and shelves. We believe this makes it a perfect choice for a bathroom in any style. In order to bring our range as faithfully as possible to express, we regularly give catalogs and flyers with our offer out. In the catalogs there are detailed pictures of bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories and their description, in their dimensions. In this way, you can view our bathroom furniture exactly, without leaving your house. Out of consideration that the catalogs are updated regularly, it is advisable to be familiar with the new editions to date. Then one learns something new is introduced into the product line and one is aware of in the case of modern bathroom furniture of the new trends. An important question when buying bathroom furniture is its quality. In this regard, we use raw materials of the best quality that affect the whole of the furniture produced. Our employees are professionally trained to guarantee all bathroom furniture, the high quality of their design, maximum functionality and unique style. Your attention to our standards, we have become a manufacturer of bathroom furniture really great, which are particularly highly valued in the market.

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Series: WAVE


In terms of design Wave is a collection based on a motif of a wave in terms of design, which is visible both in the shape of the ceramic washbasin and in the drawing of the furniture fronts. The range consists of two vanity units accompanied by a side cabinet in two versions: with doors or drawers. The furniture is available in three colour variants: white gloss, grey mat and graphite mat. The set may be enriched with a LED illuminated mirror. Drawers and doors provided with the gentle closing system.


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bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture new bathroom


Spektra Ceramic provides new basin units matching all the complementary cabinets of Spektra collection, this time combined with ceramic washbasins. On offer both the model with one and two drawers in all the decors offered in the basic collection.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture new bathroom


Variete Ceramic is an expansion of a multi-variant Variete collection by ceramic washbasins. Again we offer basin units with both one and two comfortable drawers. The new cabinets can be combined with all the remaining units included in original Variete.

bathroom cabinet
Series: MEVA


Meva is a new collection with a motif of a wave on the fronts. Stylistically it is based on classical collections in Antado’s portfolio, eagerly selected by traditionalists. The pattern of the fronts reflects the shape of a ceramic washbasin with a protruding bowl. Little point handles in glossy chrome provide the furniture with incredible elegance. The collection is available in two widths: 65 and 80 cm, with soft close as a standard.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture
Series: GABI


Gabi is a functional set of cabinets standing out for bevelled cuts in white lacquered fronts interspaced with darker stripes of wood-like board. The ceramic washbasin completing the range is also enriched with a bevelled front reflecting the shape of the furniture. The cut in the front edges creates a comfortable way to open the cabinets. The collection is available in both a wall-hung and floor-standing version. The vanity units can be accompanied by a mirror and a low cabinet matching them in design. A traditional white version is also on offer.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture new bathroom
Series: RUSTIC


Rustic is a bathroom collection in an old style. The fronts of the cabinets have been decorated with a subtle frame and a stylised chrome handle in either glossy or satin finishing. The collection is available in a wall-hung version or with stylised legs. The basin cabinets are to be combined with two types of ceramic washbasins, in two options: with doors or drawers. The concept also includes a tall cabinet and a mirror in a stylised frame. Drawers and doors provided with the gentle closing system.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture


Susanne is an elegant wall-hung collection including a vanity unit with a wide spacious drawer and a big choice of ceramic counter washbasins. Apart from the white the tops are available in contrasting decors of rust and grey stone. The collection is provided with a horizontal mirror cabinet and comfortable side cabinets with or without a mirror. In one of the options inside the tall cabinets three additional internal drawers have been mounted with a push-to-open system. Drawers and doors provided with the gentle closing system.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture
Series: COMBI


Combi is a modern wall-hung concept perfectly fitting in big bathrooms. A thick and light counter provides a basis for a counter basin. The composition is completed by a cabinet with a drawer or door which can be hung under the counter or independently. The set is available with an upper cabinet and an illuminated mirror with two colour versions on offer: monochromatic white gloss and enriched with a wooden handle slat. There are four ceramic washbasins to be combined with the collection. Drawers and doors provided with the gentle closing system.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture new bathroom bathroom cabinet
Series: VERANO


Verano is a concept made of elegant wall-hung cabinets covered with a counter and a geometrically-shaped mineral washbasin. The collection includes a cabinet with two drawers, a cabinet with one regular drawer and an additional internal one, as well as a small linking unit that can be attached to the main cabinet on either side. The cabinets have been finished with high gloss lacquer and decorated with a chic asymmetric chrome handle. The collection has been completed by a set of counters to cover various combinations of the cabinets.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture new bathroom bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture
Series: GRANDE


Grande is a collection combining a massive carcass with spacious drawers provided with a push-to-open system. The upper drawer has been enriched with a practical organizer for tiny things. The collection is built on a clear contrast between the whiteness of the fronts and the wood-like decor of the carcass. The washbasin units are combined with a cubist mineral washbasin with a tall side cabinet, a low cabinet and a mirror.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture


Pacific NEW is an elegant collection of floor-standing furniture combining massive form with gentle finishing. A massive carcass of the cabinets is combined with a soft closing system and an elegant mirror slat which underlines a modern style of the furniture. A glossy chrome-plated handle has been mounted in the edge of the cabinet’s front. In the new version the range is available in white gloss, both with mineral and ceramic washbasins.

bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture new bathroom bathroom cabinet
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